Things are not always...

It’s true.  We spend a lot of time these days comparing our lives to others.  This is an exercise in futility, mainly because we are comparing our “blooper reel” to someone else’s “highlight reel”.  Nobody, and I repeat NOBODY, has a perfect marriage, partner, job, child, house, dog, cat, or any other situation you can imagine, despite appearances to the contrary.

We are all flawed, lives are messy, jobs are stressful, pets poop and puke in your just-cleaned house, and people will disappoint you time and time again.

However, we are also capable of incredible warmth and empathy, and most of us will rally around and support someone who is in need.  The proliferation of Go Fund Me and Crowdfunding pages attest to the basic generosity of human nature.  Although our society can be extremely narcissistic today, and “look at me, notice me” is more important than actually accomplishing something, we can still be a human race to be proud of, given a chance.  Let’s all rise to that challenge.

Lisa Torch